I Resolve Not To: Bouncing into New Hair Habits This Year


Bouncing into New Hair Habits This Year

As the New Year unfolds, it's time to bounce into some fresh hair care habits. Let's not just add more to our routines; instead, let's focus on what NOT to do, because sometimes, less is more when it comes to maintaining that hair bounce. Here's to keeping our resolutions light and our hair full of bounce with Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo.

I Resolve Not to Overheat My Hair

Let's give those heat tools a rest. Overheating can leave our hair drier than last year's resolutions. Remember, natural drying can be your secret to maintaining that lively bounce in your hair.

I Resolve Not to Skip Sun Protection for My Hair

Our hair, like our skin, needs protection from the sun. This year, let’s make hats, scarves, or UV-protectant hair products part of our regular routine. No more risking sun-damaged hair!

I Resolve Not to Strangle My Hair with Tight Styles

Looser styles are in! Tight hairstyles can pull and damage our hair. Here's to softer styles that let our hair bounce back to its natural beauty.

I Resolve to Keep My Hair Clean Daily with Palmolive

Daily washing doesn't have to be a chore. With Palmolive Intensive Moisture, our hair stays clean, moisturized, and ready to bounce into each new day without feeling weighed down.

I Resolve Not to Overdo Chemical Treatments

It’s time to rethink frequent coloring and chemical treatments. Let’s focus on nurturing our hair with quality after-care products to keep it healthy and vibrant.

I Resolve Not to Roughly Towel Dry My Hair

Treat your hair with the gentleness it deserves. Swap the rough towel drying for a soft pat-down or a gentle microfiber towel to avoid breakage and frizz.

I Resolve Not to Sleep with Wet Hair

Wet hair is fragile. To avoid damage and breakage, let's ensure our hair is dry or nearly dry before we hit the pillow.

I Resolve Not to Neglect My Scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Incorporating scalp care into our routine, like a gentle scalp detox now and then, can make a big difference.

I Resolve Not to Forget My Diet's Impact on My Hair

Our hair reflects what we eat. Let’s focus on a diet rich in nutrients that benefit hair health, for that beautiful shine with vitality.

With these resolutions and the help of Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo, we’re on track for a year of great hair days. Here’s to a new year filled with healthy, happy hair! 🌟🎉💇‍♀️



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