Galentine's Day Quiz: Discover Your Celebration Style with Palmolive


Galentine's Day Quiz: Discover Your Celebration Style with Palmolive

Squad, it’s time to say goodbye to Valentine's clichés and get sassy with your barkada this Galentine's Day. Not sure how to celebrate? This quiz is your ticket to unlocking a day (or night) that's as fabulous as your friendship.


What's Galentine's Day All About?

Galentine's Day is the ultimate salute to friendship.  It came from an American Sitcom titled “Parks and Recreation”, and celebrated by the main character, Leslie Knope. It's the day before V-Day, and it's all about you and your girls kicking back, living it up, and celebrating the sisterhood that outshines any box of chocolates.

How Do You Galentine?

Whether you're toasting to freedom or just need an excuse to spoil yourselves rotten, Galentine's Day is your jam. It's about doing what you love with the people who get you, no romance required – just pure, unadulterated fun.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take the quiz and find out how to celebrate Galentines day this year!

  • Your friend group's chat is blowing up. What are you all discussing?

    • A. The latest binge-worthy show that's got you hooked.

    • B. The wild scavenger hunt you're planning around town.

    • C. The new dessert café that's begging for a taste test.

    • D. How to throw a killer party without killing your wallets.

  • Pick a hashtag that sums up your squad goals:

    • A. #HomebodiesUnite

    • B. #AdventurersForLife

    • C. #FoodieFrenzy

    • D. #BudgetBabes

  • What's your go-to group selfie pose?

    • A. Pajamas and facemasks – comfort is key!

    • B. Back-to-back in your fiercest "Charlie's Angels" stance.

    • C. Holding up your drool-worthy food finds.

    • D. DIY photo booth props and peace signs.

  • It's gift time! What are you exchanging?

    • A. Handmade gifts that scream "I know you."

    • B. Gag gifts that'll have everyone in stitches.

    • C. Gift cards to your favorite hangouts.

    • D. Thoughtful, thrifty finds that are big on love, not cost.

  • What's the one thing you're all bringing to the Galentine's bash?

    • A. Your fave chick flicks and rom-coms.

    • B. A sense of adventure and your game faces.

    • C. An appetite for indulgence and Instagram-worthy snacks.

    • D. Your DIY decor skills and a killer playlist.


Mostly A's: Chill Queens – You're all about that laid-back life. Host a Galentine's spa night in, complete with Palmolive Naturals Ultra Smooth Shampoo for ultra smoothe hair that’s sure to beat the sabit!

Mostly B's: Daring Divas – Your squad thrives on thrills. Plan an action-packed day, from escape rooms to karaoke battles, and let Palmolive keep your hair on point through every high note and plot twist.

Mostly C's: Gourmet Goddesses – Food is your love language. Hit up the hottest food spots or host a bake-off. And with Palmolive, your hair will be as smooth as the icing on your cupcakes.

Mostly D's: Savvy Sisters – You know how to party on a budget. Get crafty with a DIY Galentine's that's big on fun but easy on the cash. Palmolive's got your locks looking luxe for less.

Whatever your Galentine's style, make it a day to remember with your true soulmates – your friends. And thanks to Palmolive Naturals Ultra Smooth Shampoo, you'll all be flipping your hair with sass and class. Happy Galentine's Day, queens – go own it!




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